Wednesday, July 31, 2013

latexdiff: Excellent tool to view modifications!

It is hard to specifically see the changes in two versions of a paper. It is even harder to spot those changes in the .tex files. To visualize the changes (or differences) between two latex version of a paper, we can use an excellent tool, latexdiff, freely available for linux. It can be installed with a simple command:
  • sudo apt-get install latexdiff 
The output file will have colors and annotations to mark the differences. The name of the output file is derived from the input filenames.

Difference of two local .tex files (latexdiff)

  • latexdiff --flatten --pdf old-file.tex new-file.tex > diffs.tex
(the –flatten argument makes latexdiff recursively operate on any included .tex files.)

Difference of SVN versions (latexdiff-vc)

  • Compare current working copy with earlier version
    • latexdiff-vc --pdf --flatten -r version file.tex > diffs.tex
  • Compare two versions
    • latexdiff-vc --pdf --flatten -r version1 -r version2 file.tex > diffs.tex

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